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Helping Students Cope with Senior-Year Jitters


Senior year of high school is both exciting and scary for students. The prospect of the leaders of the school is thrilling, but the idea of leaving the confines of their private school and heading to college can be overwhelming. Students in a college prep school program see the culmination of everything they have worked for throughout their school careers coming together, creating a great deal of pressure to achieve the goals they set for themselves. These feelings are natural, but they can make managing coursework and student life more difficult than ever. If your student is experiencing a case of senior year jitters, here are some things you can do to help ease their anxiety.

Focus on the Fun
Although senior year means facing several major decisions, there are still plenty of fun times to look forward to as well. Encourage your student to focus on those good things instead of weighing themselves down with worries about what next year will bring. Senior proms, trips, special privileges at school, and more typically await seniors, so look forward to those things together instead of focusing on the stressful parts of the year.

Offer to Listen
The pressure to meet your expectations may also be on your child’s mind, even if you don’t intend for them to feel that stress. Although offering advice as your child makes this transition to adulthood is important, sometimes, simply listening can be just as effective. Let your child know that you’re willing to listen to his or her concerns without comment or judgment so that he or she feels comfortable coming to you when the pressure feels overwhelming.

Make Plans
The unknown can be the scariest thing of all for high school seniors. Help your senior get a better picture of what the future holds by visiting colleges and otherwise making plans for life after high school. When he or she can envision what is coming, it will be easier to feel confident.

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