Helping Your High School Student Build a Strong College Application


Enrolling your child in a private school is a great step toward creating a strong college application. Here are some other ways you can help your child further her chances at impressing the admissions counselors.

Diversifying Education

Helping your high schooler study and do well in her classes is extremely important for college admissions. With this in mind, help your child to broaden her academic courses and desires. If she sticks to the easiest classes and makes straight A’s, she may not stand out to the admissions advisers. A student who took Advanced Placement, Honors, and extracurricular classes, even if she received a B, is going to stand out. Students who push themselves to learn and be greater than they can be will have stronger applications than the student who did not venture outside of her comfort zone.

Pursuing Passion

When your child expresses a sincere desire in extracurricular activity—art, music, sports—encourage her to pursue it wholeheartedly. College admissions counselors want to see her acting out her passions in any way she can. If she desires music, acting, or painting, then encourage her to get involved in a local band, improv company, or community beautifying project. If she enjoys playing chess or gymnastics, then help her start an afterschool club where fellow students can join the fun. Fan the flame of her extracurricular passion, and colleges will notice.

Writing Well

In today’s world of technology, certain academic skills are going by the wayside, much to the detriment of today’s youth. Typing, writing, calculating, and many more daily skills are being replaced by text messages, spell check, and smartphone apps. Help your student write her college admissions essay with impeccable writing skills and playing close attention to the prompts.

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