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How a College Prep Curriculum Sets Your Child Up for Success


Whether your child takes classes that fulfill certain entry requirements or that ready her for advanced levels of study, a college prep school curriculum is an excellent way for her to prepare for college and beyond. Following a college prep school curriculum can give your child the foundation that she needs to be successful in the following ways:

A Focus on Entry Requirements
It’s important for parents to understand that not all high school graduation credit requirements will fulfill college entry conditions. If there’s a particular college that you or your child is interested in, then it’s essential to find out if she is on track to meeting their requirements for entry. A college prep curriculum can help ensure that your child is taking the classes that she needs to be considered by the schools that she’s interested in attending.

The Availability of Advanced Placement
While getting good grades is important for your child if she’s planning to continue her education after high school, so is the level of difficulty of her classes. For example, getting an A in calculus can be less impressive to a college entry committee than getting the same or even a slightly lower grade in an advanced placement class. Because a college prep curriculum is focused on giving your child the education that she needs to be successful, advanced placement classes are often available.

An Emphasis on Good Study Habits
While getting good grades during high school is important, so is learning how to study successfully while in college. For many students, the changes that they have to make when shifting from high school to college can be extremely challenging. A college prep curriculum can help ease that burden by equipping her with the skills that she needs to study effectively.

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