How College Counselors Can Help Students Navigate the Admissions Process

A private college prep school in Orinda can be the linchpin to a student’s academic success and career achievement. College prep high schools can offer academics that prepare students for the challenges of collegiate life. They can also provide college counselors with expert guidance on gaining admission to desired colleges. If you are thinking about sending your child to a college prep school, consider these benefits of having college counselors to provide college prep help:

Guiding Curriculum Choices

College counselors know what colleges are looking for in prospective students. The admissions process often requires college representatives to decide between thousands of attractive candidates, and in many cases, the curriculum decides who receives acceptance. A college counselor can make sure that students select the classes that will make them appealing to colleges. Curriculum selection can even help families save on college tuition. Advanced placement classes can in many cases allow incoming freshmen to skip introductory courses and avoid spending thousands of dollars.

Cultivating an Attractive Application

The admissions process typically favors students with well-rounded applications. So while a basic course load is a key to collegiate success, so too are arts-based electives and extracurricular activities. College counselors can help students explore interests outside their traditional math and science classes and suggest clubs, teams, and other interests that increase their chances of college acceptance.

Choosing Appropriate Schools

A student’s choice of college is indeed one of the most important academic decisions that he can make. For many students, the schools they might initially find attractive are not the ones that can further their career aspirations. Colleges are selective about their students, but so too should students be particular about their higher education options. College counselors can help students find the programs that will best support their professional interests and realize their occupational goals.

The college counselors at Orinda Academy offer the professional support, encouragement, and guidance that students need throughout their high school experience. Orinda Academy students benefit from one to one college counseling and our grads get into their top choices, which are top universities throughout the country. These include MIT, Brown, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Davis, San Diego, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Rice, and more. To learn more about our college prep help services, call (925) 357-9719. You can also go online for additional information on our private school in Orinda.