How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

The people who need sleep the most—high school students—are often the most sleep deprived. Mental and physical grogginess impairs academic performance, which leads to stress, which can lead to illness and even less sleep, and before the student knows it, they’ve entered the vicious cycle all too common to students.

In this video, you'll learn about sleep, and why it matters for our health. As you watch, consider the changes that your or your student can make in his or her schedule to allow for more sleep. Getting more sleep, and feeling better overall, can be as simple and shutting off cellphones during study time, or using study halls as a time to study instead of socialize.

At Orinda Academy, our college prep classes allow students to learn essential time management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment. Orinda Academy starts school later at 8:40 am to allow teens to have a little more sleep, which has shown to be necessary for adolescent students. To learn more about our college prep approach, visit our website or call us at (925) 357-9727.