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How Orinda Academy Embraces All Learning Styles

As a parent, there are few things more important to you than your child’s education. Enrolling your child in a private prep school can give him advantages and opportunities he wouldn’t otherwise have. At Orinda Academy, we understand that each one of our students is unique and learns in different ways. Instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach to education, we embrace learning differences and give all students the support they need both inside and outside of the classroom.

Education: Group Teenage High School Students Using Computers Together

Dedicated Teachers

A great teacher can leave a lasting impression on students. In some schools, even great teachers can’t live up to their full potential because there are simply too many students. Orinda Academy maintains an eight-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, so every student will have the opportunity to connect with our dedicated teachers. Our teachers have experience working with all types of learning styles and use different teaching modalities to accommodate all students. The favorable student-to-teacher ratio will allow your child to get the individualized attention he needs to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Academic Support

Students with learning differences sometimes need extra support to achieve their full potential. At Orinda Academy, we offer academic coaching to help our students become better at time management, organization, project planning, and note taking. Both students and parents have access to assignments and their due dates, so you can help your student stay on the right track. We also offer study halls in which students can study in small groups or with one-on-one support in all subject areas.


It is an unfortunate reality that some students with learning differences are viewed as less intelligent or capable than their peers. Orinda Academy knows this is not true and provides accommodations to our students so they can succeed. Students can obtain class notes and recordings of lectures and can use laptops in the classroom if need be.

If your child has a unique learning style, enroll him in a college prep school where he can shine. Contact Orinda Academy of the East Bay at (877) 884-0221 to learn more about our outstanding academic programs for all learning styles.