How Orinda Academy Embraces Students with Different Learning Styles


Are you looking for a private high school that has a solid curriculum, but also accepts students’ different learning styles? Orinda Academy is a college prep school that will help get your adolescent ready for the rigors of college, while also using their unique abilities to their advantage. Read on to learn more about how Orinda Academy embraces students with different learning styles.

Teaching Specialists

If your child has a learning difference, it is important that their teachers be well-educated in working with students with unique learning styles. Here at Orinda Academy, our teachers are trained to help students get the most out of their education by adapting to each individual student’s learning style. Whether your child has concentration or organization issues, difficulty with reading or spelling, or finds math especially challenging, our teachers are prepared to ensure that they understand the curriculum. In addition, they will help students with learning differences to prepare for the challenges of higher education.

Small Group Instruction

Children with learning differences often find that their voice gets lost in a large group. They may be embarrassed to ask questions for clarification if they feel they are the only student who does not understand the material. Unfortunately, this problem often results in lower grades and a lack of confidence in academic environments. Orinda Academy is proud to offer smaller class sizes for all students. Smaller classes allow students to get the individual help that they need, and also give them a chance to feel that they belong somewhere. With less students to manage, our teachers can focus on each individual child’s learning style and help them develop their knowledge and skills throughout the school year. Your child will appreciate the consistency and efficiency that smaller class sizes can offer.

Are you looking to help your adolescent achieve academic success in Orinda, CA? Orinda Academy is a private college prep school with experienced personnel who are ready to help students with a variety of different learning styles. Call (925) 478-4504 today to learn more about our academic programs for grades 8-12.