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How Small Class Sizes Nurture Learning Style Differences in Students

Students at Independent school in Orinda

Studies have shown again and again that smaller class sizes are beneficial to students, both academically and socially. In fact, because private school teachers are no longer pulled in many different directions at once, they can help students learn on a deeper level—the student’s personal learning style level. How does small class size nurture learning style differences in students? Smaller class size:

  • Gives students more one-on-one time with instructors. One-on-one instruction is key for a positive learning environment. Students, especially those who have slightly less traditional learning styles such as kinesthetic-tactile, can greatly benefit from more time with the instructor, who can take the time to get to know how a child learns instead of being pulled in ten directions at once. An instructor should be given the time to develop individual instructional relationships with each student for optimal academic and social development.
  • Gives instructors more freedom to work with a child on his or her learning issues. For many children, some teaching methods work and some do not, and a small class size is the optimal environment for an instructor to garner information on the most effective teaching methods. This includes working with children on their learning issues and developing curricula which honors each student’s learning style for the best possible learning environment in which all students are considered.
  • Allows instructors to give students more feedback on assignments. Regular and constructive criticism is essential for academic growth, and instructors are afforded the time and space to do so when working with smaller class sizes. Instructors are also given the opportunity to communicate with parents in a more thorough manner.

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