How Students Benefit from a Well-Rounded Education

Private College Prep School Orinda

For a truly inspiring educational experience, the breadth of instruction is as important as its depth. Students at a private college prep school are introduced to a wide range of subject areas. An enriching educational experience includes foreign language, technology electives, music, dance, and other fine arts, along with the core subjects such as mathematics and science. This broad curriculum at a private school nurtures students’ personal growth while it prepares them for life.

Introduction to Different Interests
Students often display specific interests, such as a passion for health sciences or a keen interest in rocks and minerals. Yet, with a well-rounded academic curriculum and a broad array of electives, students are introduced to a wide range of other topic areas. A well-rounded education is crucial for developing new interests, ideas, and perspectives.

Preparation for Life
Another way students benefit from the well-rounded education they will receive at a private school is that it gives them a thorough grounding for life’s many challenges. Students understand the value of perseverance when they learn to play a difficult musical composition. They learn about the fluid nature of interpretation through painting or the clay arts. And they develop respect for others and appreciation for differences by exploring other cultures in a foreign language class.

Nurturing of Creativity
Children are inquisitive and creative by nature, and a well-rounded education nurtures these admirable characteristics. Education that focuses solely on the core subjects leaves little room for creativity and inspiration. By giving students opportunities to explore arts education and other enrichment opportunities, they can experience remarkable personal growth.

Since 1982,Orinda Academy has been proud to serve families in the Bay Area with smaller class sizes, stimulating academics, and a rich array of electives. Our prep school in Orinda firmly believes in instilling in students a passion for learning through personalized instruction, travel opportunities, volunteer positions, and many other educational innovations. Give us a call today at (925) 478-4504 to arrange a tour of our beautiful campus.



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