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How Students Benefit from Small Class Sizes

The choice to send a child to a private college prep school in Orinda often rests on several factors. The availability of elective courses or college counselors may play a role. The balance of academics to student life might also be important to parents. However, smaller class sizes are frequently cited as a primary reason for selecting a private college prep school over other high schools. The benefits of smaller class sizes highlight the importance of this feature among private high schools.

More Teacher Interaction

Academic success requires healthy and consistent communication between teachers and their students. In large classrooms, though, it can be challenging for a teacher to build a rapport with every student. As a result, students may be quick to lose interest in a particular subject or their curriculum as a whole when they receive a lack of attention in school. At a college prep school, students can daily engage with their teachers and enjoy their classes more fully because of it.

Quicker Detection of Learning Challenges

In a classroom with a smaller number of students, teachers have the time and attention to better observe the varying learning styles of their students. This allows them to both encourage the unique academic tendencies of their pupils and identify potential obstacles. Especially when a student has a learning challenge, a teacher can more quickly recognize and address it with parents and the rest of the prep school faculty.

Greater Student Participation

While some high school students may find it easy to speak up in a room full of students, others may hesitate to distinguish themselves in the classroom. Smaller class sizes can thereby help students focus more on their curriculum and less on how they might be perceived by fellow classmates. Especially when a student has the chance to form healthy relationships with others in his classes, he can build the confidence he needs to be vocal in a supportive environment that may prove essential to his future academic success.

Orinda Academy recognizes the impact of smaller class sizes on the high school experiences of our students. Call (925) 357-9719 to find out more about how we structure our prep school curriculum and classes for our students’ success. Our website also details how our private school stands apart from other high schools.