How Students Stay Active in Our PE Classes


PE Classes

Orinda Academy firmly believes in the value of enrichment opportunities for our students, including a well-rounded physical education curriculum. Students at our college prep school stay busy throughout the school year by taking advantage of our spacious playing field and outdoor basketball court. Our weight and fitness room is fully equipped and is carefully maintained with an eye toward student safety. Our prep school even boasts a dance and yoga studio!


Our regularly scheduled PE programs include instruction in dance, volleyball, and badminton. Our students enjoy soccer, weight training, and yoga classes, and they may choose to participate in team sports. Some of our students choose to enroll in sports classes or teams outside of school. They are often eligible to earn PE credits in this manner.

To learn more about our approach to education in Orinda, contact Orinda Academy at (925) 478-4504. We’re confident that you and your child will find student life on our campus to be fun and engaging.