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How Teens Can Cope with School Stress

As college looms in the near future, school can bring a lot of unwanted stress into your life. Parents and teachers can put a lot of pressure on you to achieve, not to mention the pressure you put on yourself. The expectations can be highly motivating, but too much pressure can be crippling. Here are some tips to make sure that school stress does not get the best of you.

Taking Care of Yourself

When you have multiple exams alongside extra-curricular clubs and activities, it can be hard to find time for yourself. However,taking time off from school is very important. Engaging in creative activities and physical exercise helps to give your mind a break, and can reinvigorate you for when it comes time to focus on school. Additionally, it is recommended to eat healthy foods and always get enough sleep, in order to maintain physical and mental health.

Effectively Managing Your Work

Having large assignments due, or even a multitude of smaller ones, can cause angst by looking at all of the items that need to be completed. Breaking them down into smaller, actionable steps is a great way to manage not only the work, but the stress that it can cause too. When work is broken down, it is as straightforward as following the steps that you have written out for yourself. It is also recommended to allot a certain amount of time for each step to keep you on track.

Taking Breaks

During times of deep focus like studying for an exam or writing an essay, it is very important to give your mind a break. Trying to work endlessly in a short amount of time can lead to burnout. Even if it is just fifteen minutes for a brief walk, or a snack break, taking a little time can refresh your brain before getting back to work.

As a premier college preparatory school in San Francisco’s East Bay, the Orinda Academy knows how important it is to deal with stress. Orinda Academy practices stress management, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, yoga, and physical exercise to help students cope with stressful situations. We focus on preparing all of our students for success in and out of the classroom. Call us (925) 357-9719, or visit our website for more information.