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How to Create a Positive Study Environment in Your Home

Happy young father with his son studying

College prep programs can be demanding, and time after school is filled with distractions for students. Homework and studying are critical to academic success, but the wrong environments make getting these jobs done well nearly impossible for students. Help your child overcome distractions and develop good study skills by giving him or her a supportive work space. These ideas will help you create an environment conducive to studying:

Create a Dedicated Area

Having a designated study zone in your home will make concentration easier for your child. Find an area that people don’t have to walk through often and where your child won’t be constantly interrupted by ringing phones and household activity. A good spot could be a corner of the bedroom, a desk in a home office, or even a guest room. Avoid putting him or her to work at the kitchen table or in the family room, where there are too many temptations.

If you have to make a study area in a busy room of the home, make sure other family members know that sound and interruptions need to be kept to a minimum when your child is working.

Buy a Good Desk and Chair

Lounging around on a bed or sofa is never a good idea when serious studying needs to get done. Provide a desk and comfortable chair for your child and encourage him or her to use that space whenever he or she is working. Sitting at a desk will help your child to focus on the task at hand and keep him or her more alert than he or she would be if lounging on the bed.

Provide Lighting and Supplies

Make sure your child’s study area is well lit. A desk lamp is a great way to provide extra lighting. Also make sure that the area is well stocked with everything your child will need to do his or her work, such as paper, pens, and a calculator.

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