How to Ease Your Child’s Entry into a New School

first day of school

Introducing your child to a new school can be a challenge. In addition to being in a different environment, your child must interact within a new social circle and face changes in academic expectations. All of this might make him or her nervous when facing the first day. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for learning at a new school:

Get Oriented
Many schools offer new student orientation sessions before classes begin. Showing your child the building and its resources can encourage excitement for upcoming courses and activities. During your tour of the school, take a look at the library, a few classrooms, and maybe even the lunch room and break areas. Introduce your child to the office staff and any faculty that is around. Allowing your child to get familiar with the building and the people in it might ease any fears of the unknown.

Facilitate Introductions
Many kids need to feel a connection with their teacher to be comfortable in the classroom. If you can, arrange for your child to meet his or her teachers in advance. If there isn’t a way to make the introduction in person, show your child a picture of the teacher. Ask other students and parents who know the teacher to give their opinion of him or her. Your child might also feel at ease if he or she is introduced to a few of his or her peers before school starts. If you are new to town, make an effort to meet the other kids in the neighborhood. Having a sense of familiarity will help your child bond with the teacher and classmates.  

Explain What to Expect
Get your child excited about the new school by explaining what to expect from it. Find out how many students will be in the classroom, what academic expectations the school has, and what the basic school rules are. Inform your child of any extracurricular activities and sports he or she can get involved in. Facilitate conversation about the school by asking your child what he or she thinks the school will be like or what he or she is looking forward to.

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