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How to Get Motivated for Summer School


Summer school at Orinda Academy provides an excellent opportunity to make up classes, reinforce academic skills and continuity, prepare for high school and college requirements, and become involved in enriching curriculum and activities.

summer school

In summer school students can make up classes for better grades. This can be done with a focused and intensive study of one class where a student can often get more personal attention in a smaller class. In addition, most colleges will count only the higher grade when a course is repeated, and the student’s GPA is improved. Consequently, not only do students earn a higher grade, but they also improve important skills that can serve as prerequisites for higher-level courses, and improve skills for SAT tests and college. Students benefit especially from taking math classes in the summer because they require a substantial amount of individual help. We will offer algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 this summer. Students with learning style differences or low basic skill levels often can boost those skills and maintain continuity by taking summer school at OA.

Summer school keeps your mind sharp and focused over the summer months. To keep yourself motivated, it’s important to remember that you are studying over the summer to achieve better academics and be prepared for college, where you will pursue an education and a career in something you are passionate about or enjoy.

One of the best ways to stay on-task during your summer prep school studies is to get organized. Schedule your study time and decide how much work you will finish before meeting up with friends or watching TV. Also, try posting inspirational words or pictures around your desk or on your desktop background to remind you why you want to do well in school.

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