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How to Invest in Your Child’s Academic Success

When parents play an active role in their children’s education, children tend to have more success in the classroom. If you are looking to increase your involvement with your child’s academic experiences, here are a few ideas to help you stay invested in his or her success.

Participate in campus events

One of the many advantages of sending your child to a private school is the community of family members that develops at the school. Parents are often encouraged to take part in campus events such as college workshops, staff appreciation luncheons, fundraisers, and back-to-school gatherings. By participating in these activities more frequently, you will have a better idea of what’s going on in your child’s classrooms.

Design a dedicated study area

In middle school and high school homework may be more demanding, so your student might need a dedicated area of the house for quiet homework and study time. This area should be an electronics-free zone free of distractions like cell phones and television. You might also post a household schedule including your child’s homework time to make sure that he or she stays on track.

Encourage a healthy diet

Proper nutrition can have a profound effect on your child’s academic performance. Therefore, you should keep the house stocked with healthy snacks and make sure that your child eats a balanced breakfast every morning. With teens you will want to make sure that stress does not lead to poor eating habits like skipping meals or binging on junk food.

With an education at Orinda Academy, your child will have ongoing support from grade 8 through grade 12 with a college prep-focused education in the East Bay Area. Parents also have opportunities to stay involved, creating a unique community designed for student success. To learn more about our private college prep school, call us at (925) 478-4504 or visit us online.