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How to Motivate Your High School Student

Even when your child shows a natural aptitude for academics, she may display a lackluster attitude toward her curriculum. While the instructors and college counselors at your teen’s private high school near Orinda play an integral role in motivating your student, so do you. With the following tips, you can help your teenager overcome the lethargy that may sometimes impede her academic success.

Foster Personal Interests

Academic achievement in basic courses can impact the admission success rates of students. However, when a student performs well in her electives and declares a major closely related to those classes, the emphasis on other courses might not be as great. So if your student is not inspired by her core curriculum, encourage her to explore other classes.Arts-based electives in particular can stimulate the minds of prep school students and even have a positive effect on their performance in other classes.

Suggest Admission Events

Perhaps your student is unaware of how much she has to look forward to in college. If your teen has yet to explore her college options, find local admission events that she can attend. Admissions counselors can often get prospective students excited about not only their respective institutions but also college in general. Once your student realizes what lies ahead in her academic future, she might be more motivated to do well in prep school.

Value Efforts Over Outcomes

It can be very easy to get discouraged by a poor performance on a test. When an entire course proves difficult, motivation may be even harder to come by. Students cannot always predict the outcome of their quizzes and tests, but they can control how hard they work to get their grades. So help your student get motivated by valuing her effort rather than the product of it. When she realizes the inherent worth of doing her best, she may come to enjoy her classes more, which may eventually influence the grades she receives in them.

At Orinda Academy, students can find both academic success and personal fulfillment. Our instructors and college counselors work together to ensure that every student has the resources and encouragement her needs to excel inside and outside the classroom. To speak with one of our representatives about our private high school, call (925) 357-9719.