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How to Nurture Your Child’s Unique Learning Style in a Private School Setting

Since all children are unique, they also tend to have different learning styles. As a parent, you should nurture your child’s special learning style to help him or her succeed in college prep school. Talk to your child’s teachers and collaborate on what seems to be most effective. Children primarily learn in the following ways:

Auditory Learning Style If your child soaks up everything his or her prep school teacher says during class but struggles to understand printed material, he or she might be an auditory learner. Help your child master schoolwork by reading the materials aloud with him or her. Take turns reading aloud and periodically ask your child to repeat information to help reinforce the lesson.

Kinesthetic Learning Style Sometimes, it can be frustrating when a child cannot sit still and displays a very short attention span for traditional classroom lessons. If the teachers at your child’s prep school have noted that your child often fidgets at his or her desk, he or she could have a primarily kinesthetic learning style. This means that your child learns best when the lesson plan is combined with some sort of movement. Help your child learn by devising small games and activities for his or her schoolwork. For example, if you’re working on vocabulary, take your child outside with a soccer ball. Kick the ball toward your child and say a vocab word. Your child must then state the definition before kicking the ball back to you.

Visual Learning Style Children with a visual learning style can often vividly remember details of what they’ve seen throughout the day. If your child struggles to maintain focus at school while reading class materials, teach him or her to place a finger underneath the words to help improve focus. At home, make sure your child has a quiet environment in which to study or work on school materials.

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