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How to Set Boundaries on Your Child’s Internet and Technology Use

The internet has changed the world of technology in many useful ways. However, it is possible for your child to spend too much time connected to technology, whether it’s on the computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or another device. While technology can be extremely helpful for students, it is a good idea to limit the amount of time your child spends connected. As you set boundaries for your children, let them know that you have their success in mind and that too much time connected to the internet can take away from real-life social opportunities. Try removing electronic devices from your child’s bedroom, and encourage him to read, do homework, play outdoors, or spend time with family and friends instead of being “plugged in” for hours.

students in a computer classroom

Setting boundaries on your child’s internet and technology use can help him succeed as a student and in life. Orinda Academy of the East Bay is dedicated to leveraging technology for the student’s benefit and keeping lines of communication open between parents, students, and teachers at all times. Contact us at (877) 884-0221 to learn how a private school education can benefit your child.