How to Write a Winning College Application Essay

Enrolling in a private college prep school is just the first step toward cementing your academic future. If you want to get into the college of your choice, use the following tips to write an exemplary essay:

Find a Way to Make It Personal

The best essays are those that come from a personal point of view. If you want to really wow the college admissions board with your essay, you have to choose a topic about which you feel passionate. Incorporate your personal thoughts and feelings into the essay to ensure that you show off your unique personality.

Choose a Focus

Writing an essay without any real focus puts you at risk for trying to include too much information without making any real statements. Finding a focus for your essay helps you keep your writing short and to the point. This makes it much easier to come up with and stick to a topic for your essay.

Be Descriptive

Instead of writing general expository statements, try to use your words to show what you are saying. You should always try to add specific details and examples that show your audience the point that you are making instead of just telling them.

Write from Your Voice

You should never try to mimic the voice of another writer when you are compiling a personal essay. A college application essay is designed to show an admissions board why you would make a good fit for a certain program. The only way you can truly do that is to write using your own voice so you can share your personal experiences.

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