How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Foreign Language

Woman Helping Daughter with Homework

When public schools are faced with budget cuts, they must often make difficult decisions, such as eliminating subjects outside of the typical core curriculum. However, studies have shown that children benefit greatly from enrichment subjects such as foreign language instruction. This is one reason why many parents choose private college prep schools for their children. At a college prep school, your child can take advantage of a strong foreign language department and gain the following benefits.

Cognitive Benefits

The cognitive benefits of learning a foreign language are undeniable. Research has shown that children who work toward bilingualism develop divergent thinking, which is a critical thought process that explores a multitude of various solutions to a problem. Children who study a foreign language tend to display a better attention span for academic tasks than those who do not. Furthermore, foreign language instruction has been shown to enhance a student’s memory capabilities.

Executive Function Improvement

Executive function is a group of mental skills that has been shown to improve with foreign language training. Executive function is critical for task planning and organization. It’s also integral in helping students shift focus and methods of approach.

Academic Advantages

Students who attend a private prep school that emphasizes foreign language instruction are more likely to score higher on standardized tests, as compared to children who receive little to no foreign language instruction. These benefits are particularly noticeable in mathematics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Cultural Awareness

Ideally, a high-quality education should expand a student’s horizons beyond his or her known environment. Foreign language instruction helps children become culturally aware and perceptive of others.

Orinda Academy, a private college prep school in East Bay, offers American Sign Language, ESL, French and Spanish instruction. Students at our private high school enjoy four to five years of foreign language instruction, and may even take advantage of cultural trips to Spain, France, and other destinations. Parents who are considering a private prep school for their child are encouraged to contact us at (925) 357-9719.