How Your Student Can Enroll at Orinda Academy in the Middle of the Year

At Orinda Academy, we understand the effect that new job opportunities and military assignments can have on families. Moving can be especially tough for children, as they have to struggle with meeting new friends and jumping into the middle of the school year. Fortunately, Orinda Academy offers flexible enrollment for students who move to the East Bay in the fall or winter.

How to apply at an independent high school

Open Houses
Orinda Academy has a long history of providing a nurturing learning environment, teaching to different learning styles, and preparing students for the college level. We’re always trying to get the word out about our academic standards by hosting open houses for students and parents. By attending one of our open houses, you can get a better idea of whether you want your child to attend Orinda Academy. Our next open house is scheduled for Sunday, December 8th.

Shadow Visits
If you and your student are impressed by our open house, your child can learn even more by opting for a shadow visit. During a shadow visit, your child will follow an Orinda Academy student around for a day and get a good idea of academic life at our college preparatory school. Our enthusiastic staff, top-quality facilities, and dynamic classrooms will likely increase your student’s desire to attend.

Rolling Admissions
Our regular application deadline is January 16th, and we issue our admissions decisions in March. After the initial admissions process, we open enrollment up to students who apply after the admissions deadline. Through our rolling admissions policy, eager students have the opportunity to begin classes in the middle of the year. Rolling admissions also gives students time to review the admissions requirements and put together a stellar application.

Has your family just moved to the East Bay? If you act fast, your student could attend  Orinda Academy  beginning in the winter. If you have any questions about our open houses, shadow visits, or rolling admissions policy, don’t hesitate to call (877) 884-0221.