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Life Beyond the Classroom at Orinda Academy

When it comes to learning, the classroom is only the beginning. It is important to engage yourself in the activities and interests that you want to learn about. They help to cultivate a lifelong intellectual curiosity that will bring benefits both personally and professionally. At the Orinda Academy, we encourage all of our students to get involved with some of the opportunities we provide. We offer educational travel programs that include trips to places such as Hawaii, Australia, and more. We also have many clubs in different interest areas like music, chess, sports, student council, and more. If there is not a club for what you are interested in, you can even create your own.

Located in San Francisco’s East Bay, the Orinda Academy is a private college preparatory school that focuses on students in grades 8-12 who learn differently. We offer an excellent academic program, and a diverse life outside of the classroom. Visit our website for more information, or call us at (925) 357-9719.