More than College Prep: Success Beyond Undergrad



After your child graduates, he or she probably wants to achieve some kind of success. No doubt, success comes with skill, and skill comes with practice, but the academic environment where your child spends most of his or her time contributes to his or her drive for success. Read on to learn how a college prep education can help your child actualize his or her dreams.

Dealing with Challenges
College prep classes are taught with college-level expectations; as such, students can expect a heavier workload and, by extension, stress. However, stress is not all bad—often, moderate amounts of stress leads students to perform to the full potential. And, more importantly, the presence of stress allows students to learn how to effective and healthfully manage stress.

It is easier to learn how to cope with stress at a college prep school with small classes and dedicated faculty, both of which allow students to get the help they need and establish study habits that carry into college, and then into the workplace.

Stress Management
Compare the close and supportive environments of college prep schools to universities, where classes are larger, professors may be unavailable, and new stressors enter students’ lives. With a college prep background, students are better equipped with time management habits. Time and stress management skills turn stress into success as your student manages academic obligations and extracurricular responsibilities to build an impressive resume, which in turn helps secure a job or enter graduate school after college. Orinda Academy offers mindfulness training to help students learn relaxation and focus, and to overcome stress. We also continually monitor a student’s well-being and academic success to make sure that they are successful and challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Head Start on Interests
The four years of high school are some of the most influential years of our lifetimes. College prep high schools operate according to rigorous curricula that provide your child the opportunity to discover a passion, whether in technology, literature, economics, or graphic design, that they wish to pursue in college, and turn into a profitable profession.

The benefits of a rigorous education last a lifetime. The college prep curriculum at Orinda Academy prepares students in grades 8-12 for college and beyond in a supportive, positive environment, made possible by faculty, administrators, and fellow students. To find out more about the value of a college prep education, visit our website or call us at (925) 357-9727.