Need a More Supportive School for Your Child? Reasons to Choose Orinda

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Here at Orinda Academy, we have a decades-long track record of helping students succeed, even when they struggled at other schools. Since 1982, our college preparatory school has embraced each student’s innate ability to excel, regardless of whether that student has learning differences. Our supportive school environment and well-rounded curriculum are well-suited to all types of learners. Parents who are considering a private school for their children are encouraged to keep reading to learn what sets Orinda apart.

Student Empowerment

The educators at Orinda are committed to guiding each student in reaching his or her full potential. We strive to empower students to become self-confident and self-reliant individuals. We accomplish this in part by teaching students essential skills, such as time management and organizational skills. Orinda also teaches students the importance of self-advocacy, social responsibility, and ethical values.

School Environment

The culture in our school is one of inclusiveness and mutual respect between teachers and students. Our college preparatory school features small class sizes, which means that each student receives plenty of individualized attention. Educators tailor the learning material in accordance with the way each student learns best. This type of instruction benefits all students, including those with learning differences. Our private school prepares students for higher education by challenging them with a rigorous curriculum and enrichment opportunities.

Educational Adventures

The educators at our college prep school believe that an essential component of a well-rounded education is learning beyond the classroom. We strive to instill a love of learning in students by encouraging them to participate in our educational adventures, offered in April. Students may choose to travel abroad, learn dance, or engage in volunteer work, among many other opportunities. These educational adventures serve to help students develop a strong sense of self.

Orinda Academy proudly educates students in grades 6 through 12. Our co-ed, college preparatory school is conveniently located in the East Bay area. If you would like to learn more about our school environment or curriculum, call (925) 357-9719 to speak with a friendly representative.