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Orinda graduating class of 2012

Orinda Academy has not upgraded our computer infrastructure for about 15 years.  We are faced with bandwidth and connectivity problems due to a small bandwidth capacity and copper wires.  With about 100 users and all staff and students using laptops and desktops we urgently need upgraded bandwidth.  Our research has shown that our best option is to get Comcast fibre optic cable into the school.  However, Comcast is not available to us currently.  Comcast says they must dig trenches across the street to bring cable into our building.  This will cost around $16,000.00.  This is a substantial amount of money that is not in this years budget.  Therefore, we are starting our Annual Fund Drive early to support this important and immediate need.  Please help us out with a contribution to orindaacademy.causevox.com.  Thank you in advance for your support.