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Orinda City Council Meeting April 7th

As you may know from previous emails, the city of Orinda is considering putting high density low income housing on the sports field that we use behind the school. this is the santa maria church field. we have used this field for twenty one years for baseball, softball, frisbee, kickball, and many school activities. this field is also used by orinda baseball teams and summer camps. together we have developed and maintained this field. consequently, the field down the street is not always available to us.

The Orinda City Council will be meeting on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:00 PM in the Orinda Library Theater to finally vote on which site to use for this development. There are several alternative sites. The best option is to use the Rite Aid site on Orinda Way. It is already developed, is close to shopping and BART, and is easily accessible. The Santa Maria field is currently heavily used for recreation, has poor limited access, and is surrounded by businesses, our school, a pre school, the church, and a convalescent home that would be negatively impacted. Roads and development would eliminate oak woodland and wildlife habitat.

Please support Orinda Academy and help protect this sports field by attending this meeting and/or writing letters and emails to the city council in favor of the Rite Aid site, and in opposition to the use of the Santa Maria site. Thanks in advance for your help.