Preparing Your Teenager for a Successful College Career

A successful college career seldom starts in freshman year—kids who thrive at college usually prepare for years before they set foot on campus as full-time students. Orinda Academy places a heavy emphasis on giving our students the skills and confidence they need to excel when they get to college. Here are some things you can do at home to further prepare your child for his or her college career:

Student With Laptop 3

Make School Matter

Your child takes his or her cues about learning from you. If you show your child that you view school and academic achievement as important, he or she will count it as a real priority. Get involved in your child’s education as much as possible. Help him or her select challenging classes and be present for school functions as much as possible. Keep lines of communication open with the teachers so your child knows that you support the teachers’ expectations for homework and classwork.

Work on Study Habits

By the time they get to college, students need to have a firm grasp on good study habits. You can start working on these with your child as early as middle school. Set aside time for homework in a quiet place and work on organizational skills that make studying easier. If your child struggles with note taking or study strategies, seek help. When your child has difficulties with a particular subject, encourage him or her to ask for guidance from teachers or peer tutors. This habit will make him or her more likely to seek help from professors when needed at college.

Get Excited

College should be thrilling for kids and parents alike. Schedule time to visit campuses and research degree programs. Discuss the pros and cons of schools and listen to your child’s hopes for his or her college experience. Your excitement about college will be contagious and will help your child go off to school with a positive outlook.

Orinda Academy helps make success in college a reality for students with all kinds of learning styles. Find out more about our East Bay private college prep school by touring our campus or calling (877) 884-0221.