Preventing Summer Learning Loss Among High School Students

For decades, research has consistently proven that students who do not participate in educational activities over the summer lose about two months of knowledge. In fact, high school students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer than they do on those same tests at the beginning of summer. Fortunately, summer learning loss is entirely preventable. Continue reading to learn some tips for preventing summer learning loss among high school students.

Focus on College Preparation

During the school year, high school students are typically very busy with school, homework, extracurricular activities, and, of course, friends. They may not spend as much time as they need on preparing for standardized tests that will facilitate college acceptance. Encourage your high school student to focus on college prep this summer. You might consider hiring an SAT tutor for your child or providing SAT prep workbooks.

Plan Educational Family Trips

Instead of settling for another trip to the beach this summer, plan an educational family vacation. Try to find a destination or attraction that will speak to your high school student’s interests. If your child is a nature lover, consider visiting the Redwood National and State Parks, for example. You could also teach your child the importance of responsible citizenship by planning a volunteer vacation.

Start a Family Book Club

Regular reading is critical for students of all ages. Sometimes, however, it may be tricky to convince a high school student to read over the summer instead of playing videogames. Consider starting a family book club. Each family member takes a turn selecting a book for the whole family to read. Your local library may have multiple copies of the same title for your family’s convenience. Be sure to periodically sit down together and discuss the story.

At Orinda Academy, our high school teachers offer significant support to help our students achieve their goals. Orinda Academy also shares a summer reading list with students, for enrichment over the summer months. Contact our college prep school in East Bay at (925) 357-9719 to learn more about fall enrollment.