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Private School Option: Why Your Neighborhood School Isn’t the Only Educational Choice

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As a child, you may remember days of walking to your nearby neighborhood school and learning in a classroom filled with other neighborhood kids. However, today, constant funding cuts and budget pitfalls have led to a rising demand for private school education. Here’s why you should consider private school for your student:

Smaller Classes When public school funding is cut, institutions compensate by firing a number of teachers and combining classes. This results in very large class sizes and an inability for students to receive individual learning attention. It simply isn’t possible for a single teacher to effectively communicate with and impact each student’s education when he teaches so many students at once. At a private school, your student can enjoy smaller class sizes and more personal attention.

Well-Rounded Education It is important for students to become informed about math, science, history, art, music, and physical education. This curriculum creates well-rounded individuals who are able to effectively participate in the greater community. Unfortunately, in public schools, some of these programs are being cut due to budget restraints. In private school, your student can enjoy a well-rounded education.

Specialized Programs Not all students learn in the same way. This is especially true for those who have learning difficulties and developmental issues. In these cases, students are able to achieve academic success with the help of specialized programs tailored to their learning needs. Budget cuts in public schools mean an end to these programs. Your student can get the attention she deserves at a private institution.

If you are looking for a quality private school in the East Bay area, turn to Orinda Academy. We provide an academic environment that empowers and challenges our students, creating well-rounded individuals. To learn more about our college prep program, call us today at (925) 254-7553.