Private School: Our Education Philosophy Includes a Superior Diet

mixed fruits and vegetables

A quality high school education is paramount for your child’s success in college and beyond. When you are searching for a private school for your teenager, it is important to do your research and find out about class size, instructor backgrounds, and the school’s overall educational philosophy. Finding the right school is not the end of preparing your child for life after high school—your child’s learning potential can be greatly affected by his diet. Educate your child on how his diet can affect academic success so that your tuition investment is put to good use.

Eat Breakfast Breakfast is the nutritional cornerstone for anyone’s day. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast on a regular basis have higher test scores and better overall behavior than those who skip this important meal. Encourage your child to have a balanced breakfast full of protein and whole grains so that your child has the energy he needs to make it until lunchtime. Foods with high sugar content will result in a blood sugar crash during the morning, so your child will end up hungry and tired again. If your child goes to school hungry, chances are he will have a harder time concentrating and staying awake.

Healthy Lunch Choices Since your child is on his own during lunchtime, your child will get to make his own choices for his midday meal. Giving your child knowledge of proper nutrition will enable him to make smart choices in the school cafeteria. Choosing water over sugary soda or fruit drinks, and vegetables instead of french fries or other fatty foods, will keep your child alert and hydrated throughout the afternoon. Some food additives like sugar and caffeine can decrease your teenager’s productivity, so encourage him to make healthy choices throughout the day.

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