Questions to Ask Your High School Guidance Counselor

College counselors are valuable sources of information. They can support your academic success in high school and beyond. It’s a good idea to become familiar with your college counselor as soon as you enroll in a private college prep school. The more your college counselor knows about your goals and learning styles, the better he or she can prepare you to excel in prep school and at institutes of higher learning.


What Courses Should I Take?
Of course, certain classes are required of every student in a private college prep school. You’re expected to take a certain number of credits in mathematics, language arts, and science, for example. However, you will have the flexibility to choose your electives and you may have access to specialized academics such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes or tests. Your college counselor can guide your course selection based on your past academic achievements, your current workload, and your career objectives. Additionally, he or she can advise you as to the courses that are most likely to impress college admissions personnel.

Which Colleges Might Be Right for Me?
Every student needs a specific learning environment to complement his or her personal needs and preferences. Depending on the way you learn best and which type of environment you’re comfortable in, the right college for your high school buddies might not necessarily be the right college for you. Your high school guidance counselor has an in-depth understanding of college environments around the country and can offer guidance when it’s time to make a choice. Consider factors such as available internship programs and experiential learning opportunities.

What Should My College Application Essay Focus On?
One of the most difficult aspects of the college application essay is arguably topic selection. Your college counselor knows what admissions personnel are looking for. He or she can help you explore your past experiences to determine which might be best suited as the topic for your essay.

Orinda Academy provides extensive student support services to help each student reach his or her full potential. In addition to one-on-one academic coaching, students at our private school in Orinda have access to personalized college counseling services. You can reach the administrative staff at our preparatory school by calling (925) 478-4504.