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School plays an important role in shaping your student’s organizational skills, time management, and confidence. Her future success is dependent upon becoming a well-rounded individual who is able to positively contribute to her community. The following links can help you understand the importance of your student’s learning environment:

  • This Huffington Post article explains how budget cuts have impacted public education.
  • An estimated 15% of children have dyslexia. The U.S. National Library of Medicine explains how to recognize the symptoms of this learning disability.
  • You can integrate technology into your child’s education with the use of a smartphone. This page has a list of the best apps to enhance learning.
  • Children with learning disabilities require different types of educational environments. PBS.org outlines how to help these children succeed academically
  • USA Today explains how children who learn about art and music do better with math and writing.

Orinda Academy can provide your student with a positive, individualized, college preparatory environment. For more information about our private school, call us at (925) 254-7553.