Review of the Play “Modern Wooly Mammoths” by Kathy McCarty, Orinda Academy’s Drama Teacher!

Masks with the theatre concept

Onstage Theater Director Helen Means has once again gathered a selection of engaging one-act plays and/or monologues for her annual production of “Off the Shelf and Onstage, An Evening of One-Acts.”

Out of the six diverse short stories, there are four that I would classify as very good to excellent. The most engaging for me were the one-acts titled “Modern Wooly Mammoths” and the monologue simply titled “Fishing.”

“Modern Wooly Mammoths” engages the audience in the complexity of family emotions. A young girl named Teenie (Kailee Sanderson) has to relocate from her grandfather Paps residence, to live with her father, Matt (Alex Tucker). She’s definitely against this move and has a strong desire to stay with Paps. Paps is played eloquently and expertly by Will Southard. In addition, Sanderson gives a simple but powerful, resonating performance, with little spoken language, but long on emotional facial and body language. This play is a poignant and heartwarming experience.

“Off the Shelf and Onstage, An Evening of One Acts” is certainly entertaining with its delightful, diverse stories and excellent acting. To enjoy this fun-filled and engaging evening of theater, call (925) 943-7469 (SHOW)

September 14 through October 5

  • Fridays & Saturdays at 8:15 PM
  • Thursday, October 4  7:45 curtain
  • Sunday, September 23  2:15 PM

Tickets: $17-$22

  • Thursday Show Special $12

Box Office:  (925) 943-SHOW