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Scheduling a Visit to Orinda Academy

Graduates at the Orinda Academy

Orinda Academy is renowned in the East Bay for its nurturing teaching staff, effectiveness of instruction, and student success. But as a caring parent, prestige alone probably isn’t enough for you; you need to see the facilities for yourself and understand how Orinda Academy delivers outstanding academic opportunities. For this reason, Orinda Academy is pleased to arrange visits for students and parents.

School Tours

If your child is going to attend Orinda Academy through middle and high school, he should get the opportunity to take an extensive tour. All you have to do is contact our admissions office and schedule a tour of the campus, then show up on the day of your tour. During a school tour, you and your child can get a better idea of how Orinda Academy can provide your child with a great education while fulfilling his academic and personal needs.

Shadow Visits

If your child is impressed by what he sees during a tour, he can arrange a half-day shadow visit. During a shadow visit, your child will partner up with a current student and experience academic life at Orinda Academy. This includes interacting with students, talking to teachers, and gaining a better understanding of the classroom atmosphere. Shadow visits are available every school year between October and February.

Open Houses

Every few months, Orinda Academy offers open houses for students and parents to learn even more about our programs. An open house is a great opportunity for you and your student to ask questions about our history, curricula, and teaching philosophy. Several of our teachers and other staff members attend our open houses, and will gladly complete the picture of what it means to get an education at Orinda Academy.

If you’re interested in visiting Orinda Academy, call (877) 884-0221 to arrange a tour. Our friendly, qualified, and committed educators are just part of what makes our East Bay college preparatory school stand out.Visit our website to get a better idea of our programs and admissions process.