School Spotlight on Music


Orinda Academy offers a challenging college prep curriculum that includes electives in the arts. Your student can flourish with theoretical and practical music instruction in classes such as guitar, digital music production, contemporary music history, and stage band.  Our private prep school believes in providing a well-rounded curriculum to help students reach their full academic and personal potential. When your student enrolls in one of our music education classes, he or she can enjoy the following benefits.

Cognitive Development

The brain isn’t a static organ. It’s capable of continually forming new neural connections with exposure to external stimuli, such as music education. Studies have shown that music education lends itself to improved cognitive development. Students participating in a music education class at their college prep school are working a greater portion of their brains, which extends the neural networks in the areas of the brain responsible for fine motor skills, sound discrimination, and language processing.

Focused Learning

The educators at Orinda Academy have extensive experience in working with students who have learning differences. For a child with learning differences, music education is a particularly dynamic vehicle for learning. Learning differences can sometimes create difficulties with concentration and focus, particularly in an environment with background noise. By strengthening neural processes, music education can improve a student’s ability to concentrate.

Academic Improvement

Music education lends itself directly and indirectly to improved academic performance. Students who experience a positive college prep environment characterized by creativity and a love of learning are more likely to adapt themselves to this school culture and improve academically. Furthermore, according to PBS, a 2007 study showed that students enrolled in high-quality music education classes scored 20 percent higher on math tests and 22 percent higher on English tests.

At Orinda Academy, it’s our mission to provide personalized instruction designed for each student’s unique needs. Our private school offers a college prep curriculum that meets the requirements of the University of California and many other universities. Experience our unique prep school community first-hand; call (925) 357-9719 to arrange a visit to our East Bay campus.