SOS4Students Presents: Is That Me Yelling? Ways to Stop Losing Your Cool and Improve Communication with Your Teen

Are you continuously arguing with your teen? Do you feel he or she lacks motivation? Do you stress over your child’s grades and whether he or she will make it into college? Do your arguments get heated, with both you and your teen losing your tempers? Do you worry about what these battles do to your relationship with your child?

If so, you are not alone.

Teens and parents argue constantly over things such as:

  • social media use
  • grades
  • homework (not doing it or where/how it’s being done)
  • curfews
  • study time and procrastination
  • preparing for college

With her presentation, “Is That Me Yelling?”, author, educator, and health care professionalRona Renner, a leading authority on parenting, outlines effective communication strategies for parents that focus on your child's unique temperament and your reactions in her presentation

Held atOrinda Academy on April 13 and brought to you by SOS4Students, the Bay Area’s leading provider of academic coaching and workshops for teens, parents, and teachers, this session explores material from Renner’s new bookIs That Me Yelling? and offers practical solutions designed to help you communicate effectively and compassionately with your child in ways that benefit you both.

Parents, educators, guidance counselors, and others who interact with teens regularly won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from an expert on childhood temperament and parenting.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the reasons behind your frustration
  • How to provide calm discipline instead of exploding and humiliating your child
  • How to handle stressful situations while staying calm, clear, and firm
  • How your unique temperament and your child's can contribute to losing tempers
  • Ways to feel calm so you can connect with your teen in a positive way, right away.

WHAT: “Is That Me Yelling? Ways to Stop Losing Your Cool and Improve Communication with Your Teen” with Rona Renner
WHEN: Monday, April 13, 2015 at 7:30 pm
WHERE: Orinda Academy, 19 Altarinda Rd, Orinda, CA 94563

This 90-minute presentation will include a question & answer session and is sponsored by sos4students in partnership with Orinda Academy.

Only 50 seats are available at this venue, so those interested in attending are urged to register early online here or by phone at(510) 531-4767.

Register by April 10, 2015 for early-bird rates of $20/adults and $10/students. Registration on the day of the event (if seats are still available) will be $30/adults and $20/students.