Spotlight on Orinda Academy’s Academic Coaching Services

couple of students in a library

At Orinda Academy, your child can enjoy a supportive, nurturing environment. Our teachers are dedicated to helping each student reach his or her academic goals. In addition to our small class sizes, students at our college prep school benefit from one-on-one support. Those who wish to receive additional help with academic subjects or organizational skills are welcome to take advantage of Student Organizational Services (SOS).

SOS is a for-fee service that connects educational specialists with students who could use some extra help with test preparation, homework organization, and study skills. These coaches have expertise in executive function skills and they guide students in developing strategies for academic success. SOS coaches spend time getting to know each child and his or her unique challenges to customize the coaching session to the individual’s learning style. SOS coaches work closely with teachers and administrators to ensure each child’s success.


For information about enrolling your child in Orinda Academy, call our campus in East Bay at (925) 357-9719. We invite parents to schedule a visit to our college preparatory school for a first-hand glimpse at student life.