Spotlight on Orinda Academy’s Student Support Services

At Orinda Academy, we are committed to creating a successful learning environment for all students. We welcome different learning styles at our college prep school and work to ensure that every student has the tools he or she needs to reach his or her goals. Our extensive network of student support services help us maintain this promise to the families who choose our school for their children. In addition to smaller class sizes, a variety of electives, and personalized college counseling, here are some of the support services students can access at our school.

Learning Plan Support
Orinda Academy takes our responsibility to support students with learning plans seriously. The Learning Support Coordinator and the Dean of Students work together to manage learning plans and ensure that the staff has all of the information they need to accommodate each student’s plan. During our staff meetings, we also examine learning plans in depth and collaborate on ways we can consistently improve the support that students get for their learning plans. Students have seating options (exercise balls, wobble stools) and access to fidget toys, audiobooks, notes, scribes, graphical organizers and other accommodations.

Study Skills Class
Studying is a skill that is often expected but seldom taught in the classroom. Every ninth grader at Orinda must take a one-semester study skills classed to help them learn how to take notes, scaffold assignments, prepare for tests, and organize their time. The skills that students learn in this class can help them throughout the rest of their high school and college educations.

Extensive Faculty Engagement
Students don’t slip through the cracks at Orinda Academy. The teachers and counselors are involved in tracking student performances in all academic areas and monitoring assignments daily to prevent students from falling behind. Homework and assignments are posted on an easy-to-access portal so students and parents can see what work was assigned and when it is due. Progress reports are sent home every two weeks and there are regularly scheduled parent teacher conference to track progress. Faculty members are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for office hours. When families need more support, Orinda can provide access to academic tutoring and family counseling sessions.

Discover the difference of Orinda Academy for yourself by arranging a visit to our campus and learning more about our academic programs in Orinda. Talk to a staff member today by calling (925) 478-4504.