Spotlight on Student Clubs at Orinda Academy

student clubs - orinda academyStudent learning does not take place exclusively in the classroom. At the high school level, students should have access to clubs and activities outside of regular school hours that promote more advanced learning and social interaction. In addition to providing stimulation for young, active minds, student clubs enhance college applications and help students stand out in the ever-more-competitive environment of college admissions.

Orinda Academy proudly offers several student clubs to promote new interests and experiences, which might include litigation and event organizing in student council, journalism and writing in the student newspaper, or creative exploration in music or filmmaking clubs. Students might also discover new cultures with food and multicultural clubs that meet once a week. Athletic students may find a welcoming environment in the school’s sports and recreation club, while critical thinkers might flourish in chess club. For students whose interests are not met through existing clubs, there is always the opportunity to start a new club with the help of experienced faculty members.

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