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Staff Bio: Ron Graydon, Head of School

Ron Graydon - Head of School - Orinda Academy

Ron Graydon is the founder and head of school at Orinda Academy. Ron also teaches weight training and fills in as substitute science teacher and adviser. Ron started Orinda Academy (North Bay Orinda School) in 1982 at Wagner Ranch School in Orinda, and then moved the school to its current site in 1994. Ron previously taught science, health, PE and social studies. Ron was previously the science department head, science teacher, master teacher, and co-director of Independent Learning School in Corte Madera and Berkeley from 1975-1980. In 1980 Ron started North Bay Secondary School with two other colleagues in Point Richmond. In 1981 he helped found North Bay Marin School, which is now the Marin School, and in 1982 moved back to the East Bay to form Orinda Academy. Ron has a B.S. degree in Conservation of Natural Resources from U.C. Berkeley, with minors in biology and social science, teaching credentials in life science, conservation, and social science from U.C. Berkeley, and a fitness instruction certificate from Cal State East Bay.  Ron has been an administrator and educator for forty years. Ron is also a drummer, naturalist, environmentalist, and photographer. He loves to work out, hike, snorkel, body surf, travel, watch A’s baseball, and spend time with his family.