Stay Involved in Your Child’s Life Throughout Her Private School Career

Parent involvement with independent high school student

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s future. Being involved and interested in all aspects of her life, from her education to her social group, plays a critical role in how she develops and matures. A parent who can find it in her capacity to stay involved, set high expectations, and allow room for her child to explore is on a good path toward raising a motivated individual:

Turn Negativity into Opportunity Throughout your child’s scholastic career, she will encounter many challenges that will shake her confidence. Repetitive mistakes and failures can make her feel discouraged in unrelated aspects of her life. Instead of punishing your child, try to help her see these moments as opportunities for improvement. By familiarizing your child with the idea that overcoming mistakes is a constant part of growing up, you allow her to cultivate a perseverant and positive attitude toward challenges.

Praise Without Overcompensating The trickiest part about staying involved in your child’s schoolwork is praising her accomplishments without distorting her sense of confidence. Offering positive feedback is important, as it reinforces her drive to do well in school. However, it is just as critical that you know when to hold back on giving artificial praise. Moreover, overcompensating for your child’s shortcomings with empty compliments prevents her from learning how to cope with small failures.

Engage Thoughtful Conversation A child’s ability to communicate with her parents becomes stifled as she grows older. As she reaches high school, the challenge to define herself apart from her parents emerges. While it is important that you remain involved in your child’s life, it is also important to avoid intrusive intervention. Instead of probing your child with questions about school, try engaging her in a conversation. Give her space to express her opinions on a problem without lecturing or providing the immediate answer.

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