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Staying Involved in Your Child’s Progressing Education

Research supports the idea that parental involvement in a child’s education lends itself to greater academic achievements, better motivation, regular school attendance, and reduced problematic behaviors. It’s never too early or too late for parents to become more involved in their students’ college prep schools. Get started by calling your point of contact at the high school and asking about ways of getting involved. Your child’s private school may offer a parent group or similar organization.

Develop After-School Routines

All students need structure to thrive. High school counselors often encourage families to develop a set after-school routine, particularly if a child struggles with learning differences that interfere with concentration, such as ADHD. For example, your child’s routine might involve getting an after-school snack and then settling down to complete homework before being allowed to watch TV. Additionally, get into the habit of going through your child’s homework and assignment planner with him or her each day to stay on top of upcoming quizzes, projects, and other assignments. At Orinda Academy, we provide after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Encourage School-Related Discussions

Younger students may be more willing to talk about school with their parents. However, parents of high school students can still encourage discussions by asking specific questions. For example, ask your child about the latest art project, what he or she thought of the book assigned for English class, or even whether he or she enjoyed gym class.Orinda Academy has a program called Edline, where all assignments are posted online. Parents and students can use this to plan according to their student’s schedule. Having these discussions demonstrates to your child that school is important.

Become Involved at the High School

Join the college prep school’s parent-teacher organization. You can become better acquainted with educators and other parents to help you stay abreast of the curriculum and how your child is progressing through the grade levels. Make sure to attend all parent-teacher conferences and let your child’s teacher know that you welcome regular updates. For this reason, OA parent group meetings include speakers on teen issues, middle and high school education, learning styles, teen health, social networks and video games, and more.

Orinda Academy is a private school that firmly believes in the importance of collaboration among parents, teachers, and students. Call our college prep school at (925) 357-9719 and ask us about the activities our parent group is planning for this upcoming school year. East Bay-area families can also click through to our website to read about the admissions process at our private high school.