Steps for Narrowing Down Your College Choices

College Prep School East Bay

When you attend a college preparatory school, you will be met with a world of opportunities in your higher education. As your high school graduation date draws nearer, you will want to narrow down these choices and consider which school is really the best fit for your future. Selecting a college is a tough decision, and there are many factors that you will want to look at before choosing the school you’ll attend. In the process, it can be helpful to narrow your choices down to a shortlist so that you have a few solid choices to establish a successful future.

Consider your ideal environment
Before you dive into the academic programs and extracurricular activities that colleges have to offer, you should think about the type of environment you want in your school. If small class sizes are a leading priority, larger state schools may not be the right choice. You might also consider whether you want to attend a university or a smaller, specialized college since this will help you shorten your list of prospective schools to a more manageable selection.

Name your top priorities
After you think about the general environment you’d like to experience in college, you should start considering what you want in terms of athletics, student programs, and living arrangements. Creating a ranked list of priorities can help you decide between two or three schools that make it onto your final list.

Get to know individual departments
You should get to know schools as a whole, but remember to look beyond the bigger picture to the departments in which you will actually study. Different schools will excel in unique areas, so determining your major, or at least having an idea of what you would like to study, can be incredibly helpful.

Schedule campus visits
Naturally, the best way to pick a school is by seeing the campus, getting to know students and faculty, and exploring the facilities where you will spend the next four years. Of course, you do not want to pack your entire spring semester with campus visits, so this will likely be the last step in determining where you want to get your higher education.

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