Strategies for Boosting Students’ Confidence in the Classroom


No matter how confident your child may be in his college prep school, there are many ways you can help him remain sure in his academic knowledge. Everyone needs a confidence-booster once in a while, so here are some easy ways you can inspire confidence in your child.

Encourage Discussions

Discussing a problem, a solution, or something new is a great way to build confidence in your student. After he has learned something in a class, he may feel overwhelmed or unsure of how this new piece of information will apply in life. Engaging in a discussion will help calm him down and show how useful learning that new subject or concept can be.

Build Creativity

Finding creative solutions to problems or studying is a great way to build confidence in students. Most people learn information easier when it is presented alongside a song, colors, or music. If your child is struggling to remember a math equation, help him apply a simple tune or rhyme to it. If he has difficulty keeping historical facts in order, talk about different hints or tricks he might use to associate with a specific date. There are several ways to inspire greater confidence in the classroom as long as you and your student can think outside of the box.

Set Goals

Every day is filled with goals, so help your student set attainable goals that will boost his confidence. He can read an extra page of required reading every night to get ahead. Practice his music lessons for five minutes longer, or choose an extra math problem to do in addition to his homework. There are countless, simple goals your student can achieve that will boost his confidence and help him perform better in high school.

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