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Student Club Opportunities at Orinda Academy

Youth Diversity

Basic subjects like math and English are the cornerstones of any college preparatory education. However, students also benefit from extracurricular activities to help them develop their social skills and sense of community responsibility.

At Orinda Academy, your child has a variety of choices for extracurricular activities. For those who enjoy reading and writing, Orinda Academy offers a student newspaper, the “OA Screaming Eagle,” which is published under the supervision of a faculty member. Students also enjoy participating in the multicultural club at the preparatory school, which hosts social and educational events that promote cultural appreciation. Orinda Academy has a student council, in which students are encouraged to become involved in the organization of fundraising activities, dances, and other social functions. Students who have an idea for a new school club can take the initiative to start their own organization.

Our preparatory school supports children’s social development and natural curiosity with student clubs. Call Orinda Academy of the East Bay area today at (925) 254-7553 with any questions you have about our programs.