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See what our students are doing.

At OA, our supportive environment makes our rigorous curriculum an everyday adventure. From trips to advanced and honors classes, to performing arts, clubs, and STEM challenges, our students are meeting their futures head on and loving it.

student playing guitar

Student Activities

Student-driven clubs (past offerings include debate, chess, knitting, volleyball, personal finance, tabletop games)

Annual school wide retreat

Field trips

Educational Adventures Week

Student Council Collective

Boy printing on 3d printer

Want to learn an instrument? You may choose to join our Stage Band or take Bass and Guitar, Vocals, or Music Theory.

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"The teachers and the student are awesome! They push you, and they never give up on you."

Julissa Molina-Vega, Class of 2016

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Reasons you’ll love being a student at OA

You do you

OA will be your high school home base. For the next four years, you’ll build friendships, love learning, and prepare for college or your post-graduation adventure.

 You’ll be amazed at how much you can grow when you’re surrounded with welcoming, supportive peers and teachers.

Learning your way

Our student body is small on purpose. With smaller class sizes, we can put a rigorous academic program in reach of everyone.

You’ll receive a learning plan tailored just for you and your learning strengths and areas of growth. We work hard to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

Friends for life

We celebrate and embrace individualism and diversity. Our student body hails from across the East Bay (and beyond!) and we form close, lifelong friendships.

You’ll interact and become friends with students from across all of the grades at OA. We’re in this together.

Clubs & Activities

Have a cause that you’re passionate about? Looking for a new hobby? Want to check off your high school bucket list—prom, grad nights, and more?

Look no further than our many clubs and after-school activities—we have fun and fulfilling activities for everyone. (And check out Educational Adventures week!)

What Does a Day at OA look like?

Check out our daily and weekly schedule.

daily schedule

All Students on Campus - we anticipate that next year will be mostly business as usual. All students will be back on campus full-time and we will no longer rely on the hybrid model of instruction, where some students remain at home while others are in the classroom. We will continue to monitor state and county COVID guidelines, however, we are confident that the school will feel fairly normal in the fall.

Late Start Wednesdays - we have modified our weekly schedule somewhat and will start classes later on Wednesdays to allow students to catch up on sleep and to provide a break from the normal routine in the middle of the week.

Remote Every Other Wednesday - we will also be remote every other Wednesday (see our 2021-2022 Calendar). We wish to remain prepared to transition to remote instruction when necessary. In the event of Covid variants or a bad fire season, we’ll need to pivot quickly, and having an occasional remote day factored into the schedule will allow us to keep up our Zoom skills.