Taking a Closer Look at Orinda Academy’s Science Program


Here at Orinda Academy, we recognize that students have different learning styles and they progress at different paces. Our mathematics and science department supports each child’s individual progress through the curriculum. The eighth grade at our prep school learns about physical science, which lays a solid foundation for the basics of scientific thinking. In ninth grade, our college prep school students learn about environmental science. They explore ecosystems, renewable and non-renewable resources, and environmental health issues.

Students in 10th grade may take either biology or honors biology. Biology explores cell division, genetics, evolution, and plant and animal classifications. Our 11th graders study chemistry. They learn about atomic structure, chemical bonds, and chemical reactions. In physics, 12th graders study energy, light, electric currents, and magnetism.

Our science curriculum in Orinda, CA, allows us to make use of the area’s many learning opportunities, including museums, laboratories, and natural resources. Parents can call (925) 478-4504 with questions about our academics.