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The Benefits of Being Involved in Extracurricular Activities in a Private School

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Though a private prep school can provide an exceptional education for your child, its advantages extend well beyond the confines of the classroom. In particular, a preparatory school can offer many extracurricular activities for your child’s growth and enjoyment. From journalism to politics to performance, your child can choose from among a myriad of diverse activities that will stimulate the mind and bolster the spirit. The following offers a look at how extracurricular activities can benefit your son or daughter:

Learn a New Skill Perhaps your child wants to join a group or club because of an existing interest or passion. Regardless of your child’s current skill sets, however, extracurricular activities can broaden his knowledge of many different subjects. Student council can teach your child about the workings of government; a school newspaper can encourage your child’s love of writing. With an extracurricular activity, your child can receive a valuable hands-on learning experience.

Make Friends Extracurricular activities necessitate interaction among peers. Because students are working together on a project in which they have a mutual interest, it can provide a foundation for supportive and long-lasting friendships. Whether your child is naturally outgoing or hesitant to engage others, extracurricular activities can provide them with a safe and fun environment in which to make new friends.

Gain Confidence Being part of a group or movement that engages your child’s interest and encourages growth can foster highly positive emotions. As your child gets more comfortable and familiar with her extracurricular responsibilities and activities, she will become more confident and self-assured. In order to give your child every advantage that a private school can offer, be sure to discuss her passions outside academics and support her pursuit of extracurricular activities.

Orinda Academy provides many opportunities for your child to develop and grow outside the classroom. To speak with an Orinda Academy representative about the extracurricular activities offered at our private high school, call our East Bay institution at (925) 254-7553.