The Building Blocks of a Supportive Learning Environment for Children

At Orinda Academy, we have achieved success where other schools have not. This is because our classrooms are designed to support all types of learners, including students with learning differences. Our prep school is focused on teaching a challenging curriculum and creating a working partnership between teachers, parents, and students. What makes Orinda Academy different? Here are some of the ways our private school builds a supportive learning environment for our students:

Teaching Strategies

Children do not all learn in the same way. However, at some schools, lessons are only taught in one style. This approach works fine for the kids who can adapt to it, but it also leaves behind bright students who simply respond to different teaching methods. At Orinda Academy, our skilled teachers match the lessons to the students, instead of the other way around. This is the reason why so many kids who struggled in other schools blossom at our private school and find the classroom success they deserve.

Classroom Environment

Our classes are small, and the environment is always positive. Many students feel comfortable in the classroom for the first time in their academic careers once they attend Orinda. Our staff is committed to helping each student achieve his or her goals. In addition to our supportive teachers, Orinda Academy offers the tools students need to do their best in school, including on-site academic coaches.


Orinda Academy’s curriculum is accepted by universities around the world and includes Honors and AP level classes. Our curriculum not only challenges students, but also gives them a chance to explore different subjects. It opens their eyes to a world of knowledge and to their own potential.

Is your child bright and creative but lagging behind in other schools? Orinda Academy could be the answer. Schedule a visit to our East Bay private school campus and see our students in action. Our staff is available to answer all of your questions about our college prep school. Call us today at (877) 884-0221.